On Tuesday December 23rd Lenovo Started Rolling Out Kitkat Update in Lenovo S580 which is available on Snapdeal for Rs.9000. Lenovo S580 is now getting Kitkat Update while at the same time other devices like Moto G,Moto G2,Moto X2 and many Nexus devices has already received Android 5.0(Lollipop) Updates.Lenovo is really late in that department.The Lenovo S580 comes with Android v4.3(Jelly Bean) Out of the Box.



There are very few changes done in the looks of the UI.File Manager Looks changed.Dialer is also Changed.In the Camera UI,the looks of Photo Capture button which was a blue icon is replaced by Camera icon.Video capture button is also replaced and you can see that in below pictures.

Screenshot_2014-12-25-20-51-56 Screenshot_2014-12-25-20-52-19 Screenshot_2014-12-25-20-52-24 Screenshot_2014-12-25-20-52-53 Screenshot_2014-12-25-20-53-28 Screenshot_2014-12-25-20-53-43

You can look for the update by just going to Settings>About Phone>System Updates

If you think i forget any changes to mention pls leave that in comments below :

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  1. I have downloaded kitkat in my lenevo S580. After installation, it proceeds for a reboot. Once the device is ready after bootup, it prompts for “reset”.
    This sceptical “reset” – Will this data reset ???completely. Will I loose my contacts and applications???

    As of now, i cancelled the “reset” operation. but to my surprise, the the top-bottom slide, and then access the “setting” – this “setting” is disabled in current 4.4.2.

    plz help

  2. yes it will erase all applications and don’t select erase everything by this you can save your internal storage data hopes this help

  3. yes..but you can save them simply sync your device to a google account by going to settings……than select backup & reset in settings and select backup my data and reset the phone… than after reset again enter your google account details in settings and this will save many things like contacts

  4. when i dial any phone number the screen is orange with mountain and lake background never changes even if i installed another launcher and dialer app

  5. I upgraded my mobile and i discovred that it slow down the device and stopped other applicatipns. i took it to the agent of lenovo and he told me me he can not downgrade it back. and he had to change the mother board to return the orihinal system. this is very strange to me. can u confirm that it cant be downgraded?

  6. dont worry you can downgrade it you just need flash tool and firmware of the device you can just search on google there are many articles which shows how to downgrade your phone hopes that helps

  7. hi admin how can i flash my lenovo s580 and keep new andriod firmware i dont find idea from google so can u let meh know on which site i can get both idea to flash and to download firmware too