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Meizu has released first software update in India as Flyme OS for Meizu M1 Note. Earlier it was running on  Flyme OS This is an Over-The-Air(OTA) update. The size of the update is 622.75MB. Users can check for the update manually by just going to Settings > About Phone > System Updates. The official change log of the update is as follow :

  • System
    Added Hindi into the system languages
    Added Arabic into the system languages
    Added Turkish into the system languages
    Optimized the security of the vault;
    Optimized the sound of minimum volume;
    Fixed the problem of unable to activate the keypad to input complex password after shut down an alarm clock;
    Fixed the disappearing bottom bar issue after disabled “Intelligently hide Smartbar”;
  • Phone
    Fixed the occasional abnomity when re-launch the Phone app;
    Fixed the non-responsive tap on the Phone app icon;
  • Settings
    Added a switch to control the gesture of sliding rightward under locked screen;
    Added a color temperature adjusting function;
  • GPS
    Optimized GPS locating speed;
  • Wi-Fi
    Fixed the occasional bug of unable to auto connect to hidden hot spot;
    Fixed auto break off issue when connect to hot spot encrypted in EAP-PEAP
  • Flyme Home Screen
    Fix the bug of automatically exit a folder when slide up the screen to check multi-task bar when viewing the folder;
  • Camera
    Optimized the launching speed of Camera;
    Optimized the effect of photos taken under Light field mode;
    Optimized the focus length adjusting effect under Manual mode;
  • Gallery
    Fixed the occasional program crash of Gallery when preview photos of large size;
  • Bluetooth
    Fixed related issues of rebooting with no reason, unable to connect to A2DP, unavailable Bluetooth and etc.;
  • Video
    Fixed the bug of unable to scan the videos on local disk;
    Fixed the bug of when playing videos of MPG format with MEPG audio and visual coding, the sound and frame is stumble;
  • Music
    Added EP-21HD earphone option to Dirac HD Sound;
    Fixed the bug of unable to adjust negative base value in all setting options in Equalizer;
    Fixed the bug of when turn on and off repeatedly, the Equalizer would lose efficacy;
  • Calculator
    Fixed the breakdown issue when launching the Calculator;
    Fixed the calculating error in some circumstances.

If you have already updated your device do tell us your experience in the comments below.

Update : Some users are also getting Flyme OS instead of Flyme OS update. The size of the update is 51.75MB. You can check the picture below.

meizu m1 note 51.75MB update